Slovenian poetry: In Young Birches Silent Spring

Slovenian poetry: In Young Birches Silent Spring

Art has always had a significant impact on humanity. In antiquity, for example, it was used to express and recreate human nature and the mythological past. Mostly in the form of singing, dancing and poetry at the same time. The Tone Tomšič Academic Choir of the University of Ljubljana will combine music and poetry at the recital of Slovenian poetry: In Young Birches Silent Spring and take you  into the world of music and art with the help of the actor Gregor Čušin. You will have the chance to listen to compositions by some of the greatest Slovenian composers and poems by Slovenian poets. We kindly invite you to join us on Friday, January 21, 2022, at 7.30 pm in the Great Hall of the Grand Hotel Union and listen to the intertwining of words and singing. Due to the current measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection and ensure the safety of participants, the number of visitors is limited, so it is necessary to book free tickets in advance.

Ticket reservations will be possible via the link:
from Wednesday, January 12, onwards. In case of problems with the reservation, please contact tel. No .: 031 314 287. Compliance with the PCT condition and wearing a protective mask is mandatory for the visit.

You are cordially invited!